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Don't Let Your Senior Go Uncelebrated

Early in my photography career, I worked for the "school photographer" that serviced the Tampa Bay area. At the time, they really did have a monopoly on taking those quick headshots of our children to make sure they're represented in the yearbook. And, let me tell ya, they had the system down! They were like your favorite fast food restaurant, crankin' them in and knockin' them out. Literally having everything laid out so that one of those middle school students you just photographed could do the job (no joke), and hiring individuals with no photography experience to push a button.

No wonder your school pictures were never good!

Photos found online publicly posted. :-(

Unfortunately, it's not too much different when it comes to the senior portrait photographers that are run by the same company. They abide by the same rules of limiting the time each photographer has to take the minimum number of photos. With my experience, these photographers were really creative and wanting to do more for these seniors, but when we did, the complaints piled up. So much for making your high schooler, who needs the confidence boost, feel special.

Because of THAT experience, I created a different one. An experience where your senior can share exactly what they've been working on their whole academic career! Teens are bombarded by negativity throughout every day, so I want to make sure they are celebrated for whatever they put their efforts into accomplishing. Get out of the fast food line and sit down in my fine dining restaurant for a custom meal for you!

Call to discuss how I can create a memorable experience

to celebrate your teen!



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