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When Someone Is Lost, But Never Forgotten

For well over a decade, I’ve heard over and over again how families are coming together for family portraits, yet someone is missing. A family member has recently, or not so recently, passed away and will never be part of these new family memories. This often comes up when there’s a new baby in the family. No matter what your belief, I feel like the love from that lost family member has now been sent to you in your new bundle of joy and should be celebrated.

Through years of practice and patience, I have learned “The Magic” that is Photoshop in a manner that often allows me to create something incredibly special for my clients. I’ve been able to take an image that was taken just before their passing, or years ago in their prime, and include that family member in with the rest of the smiling faces. Not all images will work, but I try my hardest to find one that will incorporate a lost family member’s image into this new memory to be viewed and know that they are never truly lost.

The following are a few family stories that might sound familiar...

Gregg and Liz tried for years to start a family, finally they were blessed with the opportunity to adopt a precious baby girl. As soon as they brought her home, Liz’s parents joined them for portraits just in time for the holidays. Getting to know the family throughout their consultation and session, I learned that Gregg’s parents were no longer with us, and he started showing me some photos around the house from different family gatherings and celebrations, which remind them of the time they had together. I could tell, never being able to meet their granddaughter was tugging at his heart. I asked if I could borrow a few images to try to make something special just for them, and I was able to incorporate an image into their family portraits that sits on his desk today.

When his health started to decline, Ashley made a pact with her father-in-law that if he kept fighting, she would make sure he had a grandson to hold. Unfortunately, time takes those we love away from us far too soon, and Ashley was upset that he didn’t keep up his side of the deal. Placed on their fridge was their favorite 5x7 of when her husband, JT, was only 6 months old, being held by his dad. By the creases and tears, you could tell this image has been part of their lives every day for a long time. I was able to capture the family in such a way that they now have a generation portrait, keeping grandpa in his prime, mullet and all.

Having lost both of my parents, I understand the emotions that can come from these types of images. I strive to make sure each of my clients are reminded of their loved ones, especially if they're no longer with us.

I ask one thing of you, gather the family, make some memories, and print your images to share with your family for generations. Whether it's with me or just on your phone, those images will be the ones you cherish the most in the decades to come. If you want someone to help you turn those precious memories into beautiful artwork, please give me a call and I would be happy to help.

Take a moment to plan a memory. Call 727-560-7458

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