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Experience With Newborns Makes A Difference

Whether you choose BluEgg Photography as the one to capture the new light of your life or not, there's a few things to consider with photographing newborns. When it comes to that new little being, I implore you to invest in the time with an individual that has gone through trainings and is educated and experienced with handing newborns. I will even share some images of my family's children that I took before any education or before I even considered having a child. See the difference between an ameteur and a pro?

Although, any photos that are taken of your child, you're going to love, but here is some information from my experience.

Why should I photograph my newborn as soon as possible?

As a baby, we’re born with many tiny bones that have not fused together yet. That’s how that little person was able to fit inside another. As your baby gets bigger, those bones begin to fuse together and muscles begin to strengthen around them. It’s because of this development that you’re not as flexible as your little one (no matter how much yoga you do). The older your baby gets, the less flexible they become, and are less likely to be comfortable in certain positions. You will see me “test” a type of pose with your baby in my arms to see how flexible she is and if the pose I’m about to put her in is going to be a discomfort. If I feel any resistance or discomfort, we move on… sometimes it’s just not gonna happen. Baby’s safety and comfort always come first. Please, do not think that your "newborn" portrait time period stops at a certain point. Every baby is different, and I will never turn down a child because they're not what most newborn photographers consider a "newborn" anymore. That's just silly.

As your baby develops you will come across certain sleep regressions at development points in their life. Within the first few months, you’ll encounter these changes as your little one starts getting used to our sunny days and dark nights. However, in the first weeks of their life, your baby doesn’t know whether it’s 3am or 3pm. He’s hungry, so he wants to eat. He’s sleepy, so he wants to sleep. That’s why when I schedule your newborn session, I ask what time period is good for any other schedules we’re working around, not baby. Once your family arrives at our Land O’lakes home studio, I encourage mom to take a break and feed baby. When baby’s tummy is full and has been stimulated on the way to the studio, they are usually ready to cry out their tired tears and settle. If baby has trouble settling down, I will swaddle your little bundle of joy.

Safety In A Time Of Uncertainty.

Safety starts before I even start handling your precious child. Previously used blankets and props are washed or sanitized to ensure cleanliness. We had an active air purifier installed to combat air pollutants like pollen, dander, dust, bacteria and viruses in our home. I have a compact air heater just for baby to keep him nice and warm while photographing in the buff. And of course, I’m aware of my own (and family’s) health and will take the proper precautions to ensure your newborn does not get sick from me, even if that means rescheduling.

Props are almost always requested during a newborn session. These can be tricky shots, and that’s why I always have a spotter next to a baby in a prop. Some poses require a hand on baby at all times for their safety, and that’s where the magic of Photoshop comes in to play. Many times I have mom or dad sitting next to baby on a pillow on the floor while baby settles. Newborns are known to flail their arms or legs with their undeveloped muscles and can easily project themselves out of a posed position. Sometimes it can take 10-15 minutes for a baby to settle into a deep sleep which then allows me to pose her.

For more simple shots that focus on baby’s features, I use a beanbag type poser made specifically for newborn photography. This gives your little bundle a sense of comfort as it forms around their body while they settle into a dreamy state. I use this type of poser also as a safe surface for baby that does not give way to their jerky motions.

Because newborns have yet to develop their immune system, I’m purposefully washing my hands before handling you baby. Many times to sooth a newborn, using your fingers to softly rub their nose and head are helpful. I want to make sure my hands are free of germs. During our time of uncertainty with COVID-19, I wear a mask that covers my mouth and nose to keep my breath off baby as well.

I am a mother myself, and I understand the uncertainty and anxiety that comes along with a newborn. Trust that I will care for your child, just as I do my own spoiled, little princess.

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