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Once In A Generation Opportunities Parents Should Not Miss

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Some are large, some not so much. The portraits that truly bring tears to my eyes are the multiple generations that gather together to celebrate a new addition.

To tell you a little about why I’m so passionate about these types of portraits, we look back at my past. At 17 years old, I lost the strongest woman I know, my mom. After 6 years of battling multiple cancers, she passed before ever knowing she would become a grandmother. 10 years later, I lost my dad to a completely different type of cancer. However, he fought to fulfill his desire to “boop” my daughter’s nose the day she was born. 4 weeks later, he passed. I had hoped to capture those precious generational portraits that Christmas, but a week after my daughter was born he was admitted into a hospice facility and I have literally one, yes I said ONE, decent picture of my father holding my daughter taken the day she was born. None of us together. And sadly, I never will…. Let me wipe my tears…

I love capturing that cute little squishy baby all by herself, but it’s so important to have portraits with family. Most moms tell me when we meet for their newborn consultation that they don’t want to be in the portraits. I get it. You just did the hardest workout of your life or just went through major surgery. You’re beyond exhausted, but I always encourage her to come prepared for a couple shots with baby. Almost every time they are in love with these once in a lifetime portraits. Don’t miss the opportunity. If you don’t purchase a print of it, I won’t be offended. I promise! I would rather you had the opportunity and the memory than letting is slip by.

Many times grandparents and relatives will come into town to meet Baby. That’s why I started offering generational portrait add-ons for families who don’t want to miss out on this memorable time together. Many times baby is wrapped, nice and comfy, to keep them calm while being handed from family member to family member. This allows everyone to get a chance to hold the new addition without creating a long session and the family can continue on with their day of catching up and snuggling.

I want you to just take a moment to think about yourself maybe 20, 10, or even 5 years from now, looking back, when maybe even your parents are gone. Will you be mad at yourself for not taking the opportunity to capture those precious moments? Give me a call and let’s plan your generational session in addition to those cute squishy boutique newborn portraits. Maybe your little one is already on the move, my plea remains true. Don’t let time get in the way and steal your memories.

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